Tactise provides structured, customized training solutions which solve HSE needs and improve performance in business operations, process safety and quality. Our clients include some of the world’s largest businesses, particularly within the Energy and Mining Industries. We deliver best in class training solutions focused to provide competence assurance, improved HSE, operational excellence and technical skills.

We share our expertise through an extensive array of training and implementation programs, helping your company and personnel to understand regulatory requirements and improve business processes.

Operating at the forefront of international and local regulatory developments, legal compliance requirements, as well as best HSE, Process Safety and Operational Excellence practices, our experts have the experience to assure your staff, management and contractors will be up-to-date on compliance issues, technical expertise, and more.

List of training programs we provide:

International laws and standards
ISO 9001 / 14001 overview
OHSAS 18001 / 18002 overview
Oil and Gas Asset Integrity and Process Safety Management (AIPSM)
Process Safety Overview and culture
Process Safety in Operations
Process Safety Incidents Management (based on API 754)
Management of change (MoC)
Safety Critical Elements (SCE) Management
Process Safety Leading and Lagging Indicators
Critical Documentation
Operating Windows
HSE case overview, Bow-ties training
Hazards and Effects Management process
Electrical Safety
Safety Culture
Safety Leadership Applied
Loss Minimization System for Directors, Supervisors, Line Managers
Incident Management System
Incident Investigation methods
Risk recognition and management
HAZOP training
Risk Management
Fire fighting
Operating Integrity
Operating Integrity Management
Internal Audits Management
Operational Excellence
Personal Safety
Hazardous materials overview
Back safety
First Aid and CPR
Office ergonomics program
PPE training

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